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Need Help: Making a Portable Light Tablet (Lightbox) Answered


I'm interested in making a LIghtbox, since I've taken up drawing once more.

Thing is, I mostly only draw in school, I never draw at home, since everything else seems more fun.

SO, I was thinking, why not try to make a portable lightbox. Thing is, as you know, I am MAKEingly challenged.

SO, any ideas on how to make a portable, slim, durable, and effective Lightbox, that could fit in a backpack.

If anyone has a good idea, perhaps we could collaborate and make an Ible?

First thought: LEDs wouldn't be bright enough......I'd need a few of em......maybe those big ones?


I know this is a little late, but something like taking an old picture frame and tacking a piece of plexi to it. That doesn't solve the light issure, but it would be super slim. LED's wouldn't be bright enough, but under cabinet lights should be fine, and some of them are pretty slim.

how about a sheet of EL plastic between acrylic and regular plastic?

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I mean, ideas, for one that would be about an inch or an inch and a half thick. I want it to fit in a backpack....

How about the backlight from an old LCD? You could get it out of either an old monitor/TV or an old laptop. The surface is a bit delicate, so you'd have to attach a piece or acrylic on top. The power inverter that drives the CCFTs usually take between 12VDC and 18VDC. It provides very white, uniform light. Or a really easy one...get a piece of clear acrylic, and sand both sides with medium grit sandpaper. Put your picture on and hold it up to the light.