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Need Help find out what type of tree bugs these are? Answered

These bugs continue to come back year after year.  They stay in a small are, but sometimes the area is the entire branch.  They have come from one tree to another, by fence to garden.  Nobody in the neighboor knows what they are or how to destroy them.  The bee's and wasps love to swarm by them.  I'm in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  They are gone now because of the cold weather, but sure they will be back next year.  Last year they were really bad, this year not so much.
Has anyone afer seen, and know what they are.
They are some nasty bugs...



Best Answer 8 years ago

It's not a very good photo to use to identify bugs but google "armor beetle" and see if any of them look like what you have.  If you swat at one do they chase you?  Sometimes armor beetles do that.

If you go to a privately owned seed (farm supply) store or the county extension office they can help you identify them so you can get rid of the little pest!  I find the privately owned stores are more willing to help answer your question.  Just in case you haven't already found help as this was posted a year ago.  


8 years ago

If you swat one they chase you???? Holy Mackerel!

I hope they're not in Oz.....

Thank you for once again pointing me in the correct direction Re-design!
After Googling it does seem as though they are Carrion Beetles.
Never ran across Beetles belive it or not so had no clue what to make of them.  At least I found out that buying any type of exterminator is useless.

I tried to zoom in close but my camera just would not focus.  This was the closest I could get.  Let go see if they are still around and get a closer up view, if possible.  When you get real close, they don't necessarary chase you but their antannes do follow your hand.  I do remember that.  I will try to google the Armor beetle.  We are having a huge Beetle problem in the Forests in Colorado, but thought it was further up in the forest, maybe  not...

i dont know sumit a bug report