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Need Ideas for Fun, Cheap Projects for Families to Do on Museum Visits Answered

I work at a science center (www.lsc.org) and need a variety of projects guests can do that are CHEAP, fun and provide a take-home object. I love the water bottle speakers, but they involve expensive parts. Ditto for the jar that glows at night. Any thoughts about a project for all ages that won't cost more than about $2-3 per person using mostly recycled parts? We get about 1,500 people a day, so any dontaed parts would also be appreciated.


Build or buy a simple paper airplane launcher like this:


Then provide folding templates (painted on wood) for various simple airplane styles. I've seen this in a local museum near me and the kids just love building their own airplanes and launching them in to a target.

They then get to take the airplanes home if they want to.

Throwies? If you're buying in bulk for regular builds, they work out at pennies each. Or what about the various papercraft projects (just the cost or photocopying, plus wear-and-tear on scissors and glue)?

Lemon batteries.