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Need Ideas for my Pond's waterfall. Answered

I'm in the process of building a pond but I've reached a stumbling point for myself.

I've just sunk my sealed bathtub into the ground (See picture) and it looks great!  I've also got a tentative arrangement of rocks to work as my waterfall (See picture).

The issue I'm having is that I need to suspend the waterfall over the water.  My first Idea was a triangle of 3/4" plywood to cover the far left corner of the tub, but if exposed to water for a long period of time, that might not work so well.  I'm also worried about back flow from the waterfall pouring water onto the rear side of the shelf.

I thought thick acrylic might work better, assuming that the price is reasonable and it can support the weight.

Any suggestions, anything at all.  From building the bottom up with bricks to creating some other strange shelf, let me know what you think might work!


im not sure about how this works, but isn't the floating faucet executed by running the water link, probably copper, up inside the spicket where it would release the water, hiding the pipe in the flowing water? I have no intentions of building a pond or waterfall, but this concept has always amazed me.

"Marine ply" has different glues to normal ply, and is intended for long-term exposure to water.

However, I'm with Caitlinsdad on styling here - if your bathtub is going to continue to look like a bathtub, then your waterfall must carry on the plumbing vibe.

In fact, you must go with a "floating faucet" illusion:

Galvanized_Watering_Can_Floating_Faucet_Fountain.jpgfloating tap.jpg

unless you plan on completely hiding the bathtub with river rocks, I would go with the outdoor bathtub theme and add an extended showhead on a pipe to "drip" the waterfall. They do have those wide area rain showerheads. Maybe you can find a piece of tempered glass to use as the backing and make your invisible wall of water waterfall. Good luck.