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Need Party Ideas... Answered

As many of you might remember, on 1/31/07 a terrorist group, in a coordinated attack against the people of this great nation, attached devices that contained circuitboards, flashing lights, and batteries to buildings and bridges in 12 major cities across the US.

In 11 of these cities, the devices were largely ignored and people went on about their business as usual. But in Boston, someone decided that a circuit board with some lights in the shape of a cartoon character must be a bomb. The city was quickly shut down as they closed the subway, bus system, and several bridges and building were evacuated. The city was in a state of panic! Was this another 9/11? Were these sinister devices really dirty bombs meant to kill innocent civilians? By the end of the day, Boston had spent over $1,000,000 (yes, i said million) dealing with the devices.

Who could have launched such an attack on American soil- Al Quada? the Taliban? North Korea? nope... Turner Broadcasting Group. They paid 2 artists $300 each to make what ammounted to a childrens toy known as a Light Bright to be used as guerilla marketing for the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie.

Rather than admit that they overreacted, the city of Boston sued TBC for $1 million in restitution and another $1 million in good faith money. The two artists who only did what they were paid by TBC to do, were forced to do a combined 140 hours of community service.

I'm having an Aqua Teen Hunger Force marathon on the evening of 1/31/08 as a memorial to the freedom that we as a nation have given up in the 2000's. Americans as a whole have a hard time understanding that the terrorist do not intend to kill each and every one of us with bombs and plane hijackings. They seek to control us through fear. The city of Boston was so afraid that they completely shut down the city because of a lightbright hung on an overpass! Sad as it is, the events of 1/31/07 are an indication that the "war on terror" is a losing one.


I said all that to say this:

I'm looking for some ideas for my ATHF marathon party. I'm working on a lighted 'mooninite' for the front yard, and I know I want to incorperate the governments 'terror scale' (you know the color thing) somehow. I am also asking each guest to bring one harmless-yet-contraband item that I can confiscate at the front door much like the airport security.

If you have any idea for other tasteless things for the party lets hear them. The less P.C., the better!


Yay Aquagate!!! Try making pipe bombs.

Not that I'm innocent of making pipe bombs(I've actually made probably over 200 the past two years) but pipe bombs are definitely illegal, and can pose a REAL danger to the public and (if not careful) to the maker. Perhaps fake pipe bombs, but I think you can get in trouble for making those too (not sure).

Wouldn't that hurt your face when it went off ? Oh wait, not smoking pipes....

Hmmm as the party gets louder, hook up a big set of led's of each colour of the terror scale. As the volume hits a new high it stays at that one for thirty seconds the terror party now has proper signage for the public to understand. and while you're at it add a biege alert for those days when everyone neutral and will die because of it. A few well planted explosive, if you must fireworks then... in the garden would make a good finale, or speech starter/finale but you'd blow up your garden doing that. Leave envelopes of suspicious powder around, Make a fake half built nuke in the living room, get someone to dress as a nazi, attach horns to the cat/dog, have a midget go around threatening to kick people in the shins unless they immediatley did whatever he said next, Have barbque made from a barrel painted to look like part of a nuke, have flaming stuffed animals dotted about the garden, steal loads of signs, have the guest modify them and replace the new and improved government messages (by the way once i get welding i'll have nice project for this one) there are a few nice tasteless ideas Ohhh give everyone fake guns and go on a beer mission. any of that use to you, by the way I've thrown and help throw parties that have had anything from noise complaints to three paddywagons and two patrol cars appearing full of burly police officers, I opened the door to that one after hearing someone banging on it, I had left the deadbolt in on the top and bottom because the wind banged all the time and you never knew if anyone knocked, the bastards made me spill my beer becasue his first sction was to put me in an armlock and pull till I stopped calling him obscenities for spilling my beer in the first place, ventually i lit a cigarette and that take some doing when you're handcuffed to yourself... Long story short someone mistook the crowds of drunk lunatics for a riot/lynching and phoned up eventually the police were satisfied and left (a crate of beer did go missing though). lesson here is make sure it looks horrifying enough that noone thinks to call the police for fear of the crossfire/ordnance used... A president/authority figure effigy would be a nice touch i suppose.

Some good ideas here. Unless my wife says no (a very real possibility) I'm planning to have: •Each partygoer will be asked to surrender any items that would be confiscated by the TSA at the airport. (lighters, pocktknives, bottles of shampoo) • The invitations will be something awesome- either envelopes with an invitation and some white powder (corn starch) or possibly sections of pipe with wires sticking out. (they will be hand delivered to prevent actuall chaos from ensuing) • I had planned "Pin the Lost Freedom on the Patriot Act" but I like the osama idea. • "Hello my name is... Tags with names taken from the terrorist playing cards. one for each partygoer. • I still can't decide how to incorperate the "terror level" color scale? • I will also be providing a bucket of sand for partygoers who do not want to admit that there is a very real problem here to stick their heads in. Great ideas Kiteman, keep em coming! •

Cocktails of different strengths, coloured to match the alert scale? The higher up the scale they are, the more booze is in them.

Best. Idea. Ever. I'll be using this one for sure!

Orange jumpsuits with "Guantanamo Bay Holiday Camp" stencilled on the back!

"Hello my name is... Tags with names taken from the terrorist playing cards. one for each partygoer.

Why not do that guessing game - give each guest a headband, and as they arrive you tuck a card in the band. During the evening, they have to work out who they have on their heads by asking other guests. Slip in a few politicians as well.

Put a propane cylinder and nails in your car and park it next to an airport. Make led throwies. Use lots of firecrackers. Acetylene in a garbage bag lit on fire.

You want non-PC?


Make all the men dress like "terrorists". Make all the women dress like security guards, or wear those t-shirts that say "I am a bomb disposal technician. If you see me running, try and keep up."

Have a "pin the beard on Osama" game, blindfolding contestants with a turban.

Have a decorative bomb competition, with explosive materials replaced with edible substances (marzipan C4?)

Set up a fake metal-detector arch at the front gate, which sounds an alarm and flashes lights no matter what goes through. Issue a pair of friends with those metal-detector wands (fake if you want).

Serve Ricin Beans ("rice-n-beans").

Take the whole party to a public square, armed with buckets of hot water and scrubbing brushes - clean patches of ground to make negative graffiti in the shape of whatever those cartoon things are. If the area is paved in flagstones, you can treat them as pixels, so party-goers can just count them as they clean to make an image (clean two, leave three, clean one, leave one...)


Lemme know when you are having a party! I'm coming LOL

Make all the men dress like "terrorists". Make all the women dress like security guards, or wear those t-shirts that say "I am a bomb disposal technician.

Sounds like things could get, um, frisky ? :-)

I'm not sure where you could get one, but what about obtaining/or making helium ballons shaped like nukes or missles.