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Need Security Light Help Please Answered

I'm trying to set up some security lights and I'm having some trouble. I don't really like the motion-sensor-activated lights that I've seen -- they all have the motion-switch right by the light -- I'd rather have them come on when either of two gates are opened (if a person is coming from the street) or if someone passes a spot on the walkway (if they're coming from the back building on this property) either with an eye-beam or, if it's cheaper, a motion detector, that's nowhere near the lights. I would like the lights to come on only at night and go off after about 5 mins. If possible, it would be nice if a noise could be played during the daylight hours. I've looked into delay timers and other devices but I'm really new to this, so any help would be appreciated


 +-------+--------+--------------->   |       |        | |       |        |             In series with |       |        |              Outdoor light  /        /        / /        /        / |Gate   | Gate   |Walkway | 1     | 2      |Switch |       |        | |       |        |       / +-------+--------+------/ ------->                      Daylight                       Timer

Thanks, NachoMahma

I would like to know if it is possible to install multiple motion sensors on same circuit to control same light. Any help would be grate.

Here ya go;

| . . . | . . . .|
| . . . | . . . .| . . . . . . In series with
| . . . | . . . .| . . . . . . Outdoor light
/. . . . / . . . /
/ . . . ./. . . ../
|Gate . | Gate. .|Walkway
| 1 . . | 2 . . .|Switch
| . . . | . . . .|
| . . . | . . . .| . . . /
+-------+--------+------/ ------->
. . . . . . . . .. . Daylight

I didn't know the text would be displayed without multiple spaces! The lines were supposed to be a circuit diagram.

. See my Orangeboard (click on my name and scroll down) for instructions on how to insert pre-formatted text in msgs.

If you don't mind a little wire, mount door switches (normally open, closes when gate opens)for each gate and wire them in parallel. Add the swith from your walkway sensor to be in parallel with the gate switches. That will close the circuit if either gate or the walkway sensor is opened. This circuit would then be wired in series with a timer that would "enable" the gate switches only when the timer is activated.

| | |
| | | In series with
| | | Outdoor light
/ / /
/ / /
|Gate | Gate | Walkway
| 1 | 2 | Switch
| | |
| | | /
+-------+--------+------/ ------->

The rest of your goal can be achieved by putting a second timer in parallel with the switch loop.

I've just added a basic (read: ugly :) ) layout of the area in question. I want the light to come on when either gate is opened, and/or when a person or car passes the other side of the driveway or walkway. During the day, I would like a noise to be played (not an alarm -- think about the "ding-dong" when you enter a store) during the day since the lights will be useless. The reason I don't like motion sensors is that there is a lot of foliage in the area as well as stray cats that seem to constantly set off motion sensors.

Thanks for all help, everybody! @Garth, I'm not so much worried about wireless (I can bury the wires next to a concrete walkway) as I am about using, say, a door contact switch or eye-beam -- and multiple ones at that. The sensor that broadcasts on multiple frequencies is promising, though, since I could use it to sound a bell AND switch on a light.

The thing to ask for at the home stores is "wireless motion sensors". There are a number to choose from. The two I mentioned I just happen to have actually bought and am currently using. Oh... A neat thing with the Regent model is that it can be set across 11 channels, allowing fun combos of sensors and receivers. GN

This is an subject I have been playing with lately... I have tried out two products, modded each slightly, and each has their own pros & cons. Regent lighting (.com) has a wireless motion sensor (item # RFM189) that operates a "indoor alarm module" which is a neat little gizmo... plugs into a socket and allows: adjustable volume tone, and it has a socket to plug a light (or any 110v item) that will come on for a variety of time settings. We use one to know when our 3 year old gets comes to the door of his room. Mods: cover the light sensor and blinky LED, and it will work day or night. I also reduced it's field of vision with a little duct tape on the sensor window. We leave it in "test" mode and it will only trigger for about 8 seconds at a time. Perfect for driveway or doorway sensing. We are still on the initial batteries after 6+ months, so test mode does not seem to hurt anything. Harbor Freight also has a very simple wireless driveway sensor that is based on the same idea, but with few features. one benifit of the HFreight sensor, the receiver is also batt. powered. the down side, the indication is just blinking LEDs and a Piezo buzzer. I have found that even with adjustable sensitivity, these motion detectors often work too well, and reducing their view with tape (or whatever) can really help. GN

. If I were going to try doing this, I think I'd start with a remote-sensor light, as others have mentioned and add a cheap timer from the local farm supply/feed store.

You can definately get motion sensors for lights that can be located away from the light itself. Ours is located around a corner from the light. Try asking in your local hardware store - they might have hidden them if they aren't as popular as the models integrated with the light in your area.

Well as far as the gates, if you could rig a switch to close (most likely a 3 way switch of some kind) when you opened the gate, you could unhook the motion detector and run wires from the lead into the control board down to the switch, easy as that. If you're looking to extend the motion detector, there are security lights where the motion detector is a seperate modual and usually connects with some kind of short coiled telephone cord. Most of the time though the plugs are proporiety, but if you cut the cable and extended the leads aswell, you can do that, but I'm not sure if they would work at extended ranges, but it would be something to try, you can always re-wire the old cord back together and shrink tube it so it looks like nothing really happened to it.

I'm honestly surprised at the lack of variety I've seen, here. @Trialex, have you seen any with two sensors?

Thanks for the quick reply! I cracked a motion-detector open to do just that (I was thinking door contact switches wired into where the motion sensor was) but the sensor was well-integrated -- one button set firmly on the circuit board. So I thought I'd try something else first. I haven't ruled it out, though, I've just never done such "hard" wiring before. Would it be pretty easy to remove the motion sensor and re-solder a reed switch wire in there? Would a reed switch be compatible with the circuit board? Thanks for all help