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Need a Game Development Team Answered

Hey all,

I'm looking to put together a small dev team for an indie game project that I'm planning. I'm working from the ground up here, so just about every role is still open. Experience is a plus, but I really only ask that you know what you're doing.

The project will be a 3D Sci-fi/Fantasy RPG with a unique style of combat that combines the strategic skill-based systems of JRPG with the real-time fluidity of Western games. I'll put the project on a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter after I have a team and the completed GDD, so some stretch goals might include expanding to MMO or VR. I can give more specific details if you have questions.

Roles to Fill:
Programmer (C++, Unity 3D)
Level Designer
Voices (maybe)

I couldn't pay immediately, but payment would probably be a fixed amount or a percent of the crowdfunding.

If anyone is interested or has any questions, let me know.


I have a request make an interesting game, horror and survival games are boring.


2 years ago

I am probably too young but I can program in Lua. I am also very creative and make games "That I usually don't end up making :P". I'd love to help with the design. I'm also a bit of a nerd/geek so I know what gamers want out of a game.

I want to help!

I'm a composer , i have a bit more than a year and a half composing and i think my work is very good, however , i really would like make music for video games or cinema , what is very different to compose songs just to hear, so i'm relatively new in this field.

I have to say that english is not my native language and i might have some problems to express my ideas (i don't have problems understanding english).

I would love to improve my skills helping in a project like a videogame, so , please reply me with the answer , can i help?

My e-mail is geellyisme@gmail.com

Not wise to post your personal email in public like that.

It would help if you told folk where you are...