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Need a USB-Controlled lock box Answered

Google led me here, and I have to say that I'm very impressed with the ingenuity of the people here! Hopefully someone here can help me. I'm trying to find a USB-controlled box. The box can be quite small, as it needs to contain just a single key. As for the USB part, I can go two ways: first, I would need the state of the box lid (i.e. open or closed) to be sent via USB to the computer. Or, the second alternative would be that the box lid would only open if a certain signal was received via the USB cable. I can do the software programming to either send or interpret the signal, it's the mechanical part I can't figure out. I would happily pay someone to build this for me. Any suggestions? Thanks! Lee


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tech-king (author)2008-02-11

that could work, but you would need a current limiter in series (there is one here on instructables.com)

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NachoMahma (author)2008-02-11

. Maybe you could use a small 5V (or less) solenoid for the latch.

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