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Need advice on material for an indoor firepit? Answered

I'm looking at building an indoor firepit that uses ethanol fuel. I have it all planned out and everything but need advice on material. It will basically be a hollow sphere that is open along the front and sides and will have the ethanol fuel can placed into the bottom. This will all be supported by wooden legs. I'm thinking of using a clay straw and sand mixture (COB) because it's very strong and fireproof  but I'm not sure if it's the best option. Does anyone have any ideas?



4 years ago

You need a chimney to exhaust the fumes/smoke.

Wooden legs might have the tendency to burn and if it falls over while lit then you will have a big problem really fast.

It would use ethanol fuel cells (like a banquet trays warming fuel) which is clean burning smoke and fume free).

You should check with your local officials and see what the building codes have to say about such an install. If they don't forbid sucha an item they should offer peramaters that need to be met to issure fire safety in your home.