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Need alternate pclink for minidisc player Answered

A friend gave me an old Sony minidisc player, it doesn't have the pclink with looks like this, anyone know what else I could use? Pclink is on the right side of photo. Thanks.


Thanks, I ended up going back to the house where they threw the MD player out and found the PC Link. It's been so long since I used one that I forgot recording with the MD is equivalent to a cassette player if you just use the pc link. I had another MD player and can drop the songs onto that with SoundStage software and then use the cassette in the player I found. But it won't even let me shuffle the songs, I guess SoundStage won't let you change anything in the mode if the songs are protected. Seems like I remember using Real Player and it didn't do this.

The "PCLink" is really just a USB-attached soundcard, if I remember correctly -- there's no true digital data transfer from minidisk to computer or back. (Sony considered adding that, but decided not to.) I believe you can just use line in/line-out of your existing soundcard, manually pressing record and play on your minidisk and music software or vice versa depending on which direction you're trying to transfer audio.

At least, that's what I've done with my own MD, and I haven't heard of anyone offering better options.

> ...there's no true digital data transfer from minidisk to computer or back.
.  My Sony MD unit has (maybe had, since I don't seem to be able to find it right now) a optical S/PDIF input. Very handy for dubbing from my CD changer with optical S/PDIF out.
.  I don't remember it having digital out, but I never had any reason to use digital out (I already had the CDs).

Mine also takes optical in... but has no optical/digital out. Analog only; if you want digital, you run it through a soundcard's A-to-D circuitry.

. Alternate what? Are you trying to get music into your computer from the miniDisc player? If so, try the USB cable at the top of the pic.