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Need help and ideas for graffiti Answered

Inspired by the GRL i've thought of a cool idea for some graffiti:

Using clear, or almost clear UV paint in 1 or 2 colors do a artsy stencil somewhere.
then using a solar garden light, switch the LED for a UV and waterproof the wires and board somehow and find a way to attch so its hidden or out of reach.

I would want to do this on the side of an overpass, perferably metal so i can use magnets to place things wherever i want. The panel would charge the singe rechargable AA (might mod to last longer) and then after it got dark enough the UV would show the work for a few hours untill it drained the battery.

What i need help with:
will paint like this ( http://www.clearneon.com ) be bright enough, any other suggestions for paint that won't be obvious unless its lit up.
Will the UV LEDs be enough to see the art from a car driving below?
any general mods or ideas to improve it?


When I was younger, I remember making UV paint from mothballs and it was nearly invisible until a decent UV source shown on it (I still have an old short wavelength UV lamp, but lots of precautions need to be taken to use it as it can cause severe burns with too much exposure)


10 years ago

any more ideas or help?


10 years ago

so if i used 2 UV leds on either side on the bottom and make encolsure around them to direct the light where i wanted it would that help, what do you thing would be the biggest i could do? and would doing somthing in a staright line work better, since the light won't have to be defused over a greater area?

. The stuff at http://www.clearneon.com/ (if you include the http:// part ppl can click on the link) looks like it's just what you want. Headlights will probably wash it out at close range, but it should be visible at a distance. You can probably find it (or equiv) cheaper at a local craft or paint store or maybe an auto parts store.
. I doubt if one or two LEDs will be able to light up something as large as what I think you're doing, so you're probably going to need more than an AA battery..
. Your LEDS will probably be removed the next day, so I wouldn't go to all the trouble of using a solar panel. Just install a simple battery/LED array, with enough power to last 5-6 hours, when it gets dark.

well it would only be maybe 18"x24" if that. also it would be on an overpass that doesn't get much foot traffic, and i'd try to either hide or make the electical hard to get too so it wouldn't be removed. If i can get it hidden well only the people driving by in the few hours it runs will even know something it there, and those people won't be driving on the overpass. i want to be able to see it when i'm driving back from class at night. i also thought of doing somethign simular with something like throwies or using conductive paint for wiring, but this would require more time and better accsess than leaning over a bridge.

That's pretty big to be lit up by LEDs. If your goal is to see it when driving back at night, you might want to make something out of 3M reflective tape instead. You can get some good stuff on ebay for reasonably cheap.

"... cool idea for some graffiti", I thought you had invented a clever way of removing it. Now, that really would be cool! Pat. Pending