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Need help building a remote control ouija board Answered

Need help building a remote control ouija board. Thinking about electromagnets inside a hollowed out board. I Just need ideas, what will or wont work and what materials I'll need. Any help or info will be much appreciated

If someone wants to step in and build it themselves I'd supply them with whatever they needed :D



Best Answer 8 years ago

You know how Etch-a-Sketch works? How about something like that.


Ignore the aluminium powder, imagine a powerful magnet in place of the stylus. You only have two controls, but you can trace the entire screem (or ouija board) in two dimensions.
The pulley system is a bit nasty, but you wouldn't have to do it exactly like that.


hello my fellow ouija enthusiast!

I as well am interested in this new design of the ouija board!

I major in ouija board assembling ! I too, think this new idea would be quit remarkable and think we should further research in this topic!

Till next time,


I would need to control the board remotely.... otherwise I wouldn't be able to use it as a practical joke :P

The same applies to any mechanism, you were asking for ideas. It's a 2 coordinate system requiring 2 drives and a remote-control. The forward-reverse and left-right from an RC car could be adapted to move it.


Yep. Thinking about it your idea would probably be the easist to do. So I'm gonna get on with that!

So I'll need:

1 etch-a-sketch
1 electromagnet (electro coz i dont want it on all the time)
2 motors
1 radio control car
some wood
and something magnetic inside the planchette.

Should be easy enough.... in theory, just have to see how it goes in practice!
Hopefully I'll submit my first instructable in a week or 2.

Thanks for the idea lemonie :)

It was the best I could think of, but the Etch-a-Sketch will be full of mess, the motors would have to be reasonably powerful (and geared-down low, and quiet.) And you'd need to adapt the RC control so that you do get full forward & reverse with speed control.
A serious project, but really great if it can be achieved.


Excellent idea!  I was trying to work out something similar but you cut right to the solution.