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Need help building a scoreboard with arduino 101 and 12v LED strips Answered


Im trying to build a scoreboard with 12v led strips, large digit drivers shift registers (TPIC6C596) and arduino 101 but im not sure how to build it.

i have used this drivers before in a 4 digit  clock and the drivers based on another project i saw here in this page, but im not sure if i can use them for the scoreboard.This arduino 101 has a bluetooth componet integrated and im planning on using it to control the scoreboar via bluetooth but if can come out with an other idea it will be great, but i have very limited time and parts and im kind of new to arduino and the whole poject stuff.

if you can help me with anything ill be very thankful..

here its the link for the drivers https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13279



Since you have already used this driver in a four digit clock (As you said). Just apply the same method to build the scoreboard.

But, wait we are talking about powering 12V LED strips. So, I think this is kind of the main challenge that you have to overcome. You can use Relays or MOSFETs for powering the LED strip. Check out this guide that uses MOSFETs for powering LED strips. I would recommend using MOSFET as they are small when compared to relays.

Hope that helps :)

(If you are facing problems while powering the LED strip)

it is quite simple really.. one TPIC can drive one 7-segment display assuming the LED strips draw less than 200mA per segment. your score board has 8 digits so you would need 8x TPIC, just cascade them and shift data through.

another option would be to use just two TPICs and one high side driver and do multiplexing. this however requires higher current output and complicates programming somewhat

I know someonne who has done this. I'll try to get him to look at this thread.

thank you, ill be waiting thanks