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Need help building an off road style wheel-chair accesable ATV prefferably with electric moters? Answered

My uncle is a paraplegic and wants to come to the ranch that I work at. I was thinking it would be great if I could build him a roll in ATV. He has a van but needs something like a Polaris ranger to get around the tough roads. Any ideas maybe chopping up an old ATV so he could roll in from the back, or making a wheelchair that has more power and is bigger for rough terrain?


Something like the Polaris Ranger, or the Kawasaki Mule may work if you can get one with 2 row seating. It would give you more room to modify it and allow his chair to fit (if that was your plan). If his chair has enough maneuverability, he may be able to drive on with a side ramp, but a lot depends on the machine you get, the size of his chair, and your fabrication. Being securely locked in (and adding a side door), should also be considered in keeping him safe for the ride.

Look up "off-road wheelchair" or "beach wheelchair". There are motorized chairs with oversized wheels exactly for this purpose (when I went skiing this winter, Heavenly had two of them at the top of their gondola for customers to borrow).

If your uncle has good upper body strength to self-transfer (some paras drive regular cars with hand controls, and transfer from chair to driver's seat themselves), you could also consider modding an existing small motorcycle-style ATV to have a lowered seat and four-point seatbelt.

No matter what you choose, your uncle should be involved in the planning and design from the beginning. Assistive technology has to be designed for the needs of the individual, and the individual has to participate in order for that to be successful. Good luck!