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Need help bulding a A Class single transistor amplifer? Answered

I've been looking at getting a eletronic duck call but what I have been looking at hasn't been very good qualty. So I thought of getting a mp3 player and a bulding a amplfyer to call in ducks. I want to bulid a simple A type amplfyer using one transistor. that can run off a Ipod. I saw a you tube video of what I would like to make. If anyone knows how to build a simple amp like or simmalar please:
A: Give me a curket dyagram.
B: Give a link to me, to a curket dyagram or instructable.
C: Please say if you have any helpfull info.
Thanks for reading and /or helping.


What do you shoot ducks with at 4000 feet...?
Interesting account there, I did not know that happened / was.


I can see where you might think me a hunter, but I am not, much more into
petrified wood, semi precious stones, geodes and iron meteorites.

The hills around Reno are brutal. Northern Nevada is a geologically raised land. Lake Tahoe is 6265 feet above sea level surrounded by snow capped
mountains supplying the water for our area
The airport is in the low valley at 4411 feet above sea level.
I reside at above the 4800 foot level.

I know some game bird hunters that to a man describe an indidginus bird
called a Chucker as a game you first hunt for sport over the brutal hot and
low-air density hills. These scrawny birds run up through sage covered hills
and glide down the the other side over and over.
( very much like the Road Runner TV cartoon series )
They the hunters all say, after the first event the hunting is no longer for sport
but instead for Revenge against the Chucker.

I want the The AA12 for ducks.

Do I hafe to say anything more?

I like ducks.


Male mallards are easily distinguished by curled up fwd feathers in their tail.


Male mallards around me are distinguished by not being brown like the females.


Its easier to get right by using an LM386 amplifier.

A single transistor, common emitter amplifier circuit is ALWAYS class A.