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Need help driving a wheel with a 180 degree servo Answered

So for a Electrical Engineering class I have we were given a challenge, to design a robot that can go a certain distance on carpet using only servos and 3d printing (and any sensors we would like to use). I want to know if anyone could tell me if it would be possible to drive a wheel using only a servo. Maybe the same type of drive that trains use? If someone has any ideas that could help I would appreciate it. 


Have you thought of how a bicycle pedal works, not the legs so much as the chain and ratchet system.

You can ride a bike by turning the crank half a turn, then back pedal half a turn and pedal again. I sometime do this on my mountain bike over slow tricky stuff because its easier to balance.

Anyways you dont need all that just a sprag clutch (Freewheeling clutch) and a wheel and your good to go.

you can get them here



8 months ago

How mechanically adept are you..

Whenever you reverse the servo it engages a lift the wheel cam..

Then in forward the wheel engages the rug in traction.

Or a gear train (Lego) slip clutch that only moves the wheel forward :-)

Or here is a wild thought, how about a gear box that engages two gears in reverse and one in forward of a servo rotation using gravity to exchange gears.

I wish I could but we are only allowed to use a limited rotation servo, no modification is allowed to make it continuous, but thanks for the idea.