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Need help finding a certain project Answered

I am on the Instructables email list, and there was a project that was on an email earlier this year.  I really wanted to do it with my kids, and I got the items I needed:

ON/OFF Switch With Cover 4x 1.5V AA Battery Holder Battery Case Battery Box with 5.5" Black Red Wire Leads
5000 RPM 6V High Torque Cylinder Magnetic Electric Mini DC Motor

But I have FORGOTTEN what the project was, and I no longer have the email!  I do know that I ordered the items above on May 21st, so the project had to be in an email on that day or a bit earlier.

I’d really like to make whatever it was with my kids… can anyone help me?

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Yonatan24 (author)2017-06-23

I can only add to seamster's comment that perhaps it was a DIY rotary tool project? And can you find it in your browser history?

Favorite it next time! :)

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deblevy (author)2017-06-22

Thank you seamster!!

Is there an archive so I can look through newsletters from March and April?

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seamster (author)2017-06-22

Hi there!

Check your private message box - I'll send you links to each of the newsletters we sent out around that time, and hopefully you'll be able to spot the project you're looking for. Cheers!

Sam (seamster)

Instructables Community Manager

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