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Need help finding cheap thermo formable plastic! Answered

I need help finding a material for a project. I am looking for the cheapest Thermo-formable plastic that I can find. I need to be able to form it with a heat gun and keep its rigidity after forming. I also need to be able to paint it. I require a large amount so I am looking for the cheapest. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



7 years ago

I need the plastic in sheet form so I can make cut outs of the parts I need to form

Home centers have acrylic and polycarbonate plastic sheets(plexiglas,Lexan). The acrylic being the cheapest, plexiglas, then Lexan and come in sheets the size to replace the glass in a normal window. Painting plastic is tricky as you need to find a suitable paint and prep the surface properly. Depending on what you want to make, i.e. a laptop stand or something with no wear and tear, you might want to look up a plastics supply shop that has different materials in the thickness you need.

I think people have repurposed plastic soda bottles that are made from PET type plastic. You can heat it with a heat gun and will be pliable to shape. Good luck.