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Need help hacking lighted magnifier headband...

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Hi! I have a headband magnifier for working with tiny models, and it has two lights on it, one on either side. Each is self contained with a switch and battery connectors for 2 AAA batteries, and a small incandescent bulb (see pic).  What I would like to do is hack this and make it use LEDs  I am "ok" with certain skills, like soldering and such, and have the tools.  I am hoping someone can tell me what LEDs I can use and resistors I might need to make this work within the existing housing.  Thank you!! 

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mpilchfamily (author)2013-02-08

You can use pretty much any bright white LED. Just check out an LED calc online so you can calculate what size resistor you will need between the LED and the battery. You'll want to choose your LED first. Just make sure it doesn't need more then 3V to run.

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kurtnotkirk (author)mpilchfamily2013-02-08

Thank you! I appreciate your help, and the link!!