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Need help identifying material for a wedding cake topper base Answered

Hi guys, I had a geode cake topper made for my wedding and it was made by soldering geode slices to a base. But the soldering is too weak and it's falling apart. :(

I found an image online of a geode cake topper that has some other kind of base that seems much more stable. However, I don't know what it is made of but it looks like some kind of clear epoxy maybe but that is thick enough to pool without spreading? If anyone can help me identify it I will be so grateful!

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Elaina M (author)2018-02-15

Although I'm not sure how much help I'm going to be with finding a solution to creating a base for your geode cake topers (which I'm sure is absolutely beautiful!), I do think I may be able to identify what is being used in this image.

A growing trend (and one I've wanted to try) is creating geode replicas out of isomalt sugar. Its transparent nature and willingness to take on color make it ideal for this kind of work. I'm guessing that this image is showing a "fake" isomalt sugar geode with a glob of isomalt sugar as a base to hold it upright.

That being said, isomalt sugar is extremely sturdy, and though it may not be a long term solution (the stickiness could be an issue after a while) , if you're looking for an easy and cheap material to make a base for your cake topper with that won't cause any health issues (being on the cake and all) isomalt may actual work. You could experiment with some rocks in it and seeing if it holds them upright!

Hope this helps and best wishes for your big day!

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caitlinsdad (author)2018-02-12

A blob of E6000 usually does the trick for glueing down odd things. There is industrial strength hot melt glue sticks but E6000 or similar solvent based glues would work well if you prep the mating surfaces a bit with scuffing and cleaning.

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rickharris (author)2018-02-12

Sugru, fixes everything. Check amazon for it,.

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randofo (author)2018-02-12

I don't know, but these people will for sure:

They also have a storefront if you happen to be near SF.

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