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Need help in sealing reusable water bottle Answered

So I have a reusable water bottle that leaks water when I unscrew the top, (it does not leak from where you drink from, it leaks from where the top screws on to the rest of the bottle). It also leaks from shaking. I noticed if I open the flip top and expose the part where you drink from and then you unscrew the top it leaks a bit less. So any ideas for a solution such as a food safe sealing material? Thanks



The water is getting between the top and the cap. You'll need a gasket in the top. Any rubber gasket that fits will do.

I got a gasket as you suggested but I didn't get a rubber one, instead I used plastic wrap and it works well. Thanks man for the help!

90% of these bottles use the same cap - try one from a soda bottle.