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Need help making a USB reader Answered

I need help to make a music player that plays songs from a pen drive.
While stduying its nice to have light background music.

For a while i considered makin a  FM receiver but you know  they sometimes those boring songs and other things.
So, I thought I could play  music from a source like a pendrive.
It will be great to make your own and hear it.

Hope someone answers it!

Thank You

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rickharris (author)2013-01-05

This is not a trivial project at all - Your in for a lot of electronics and programming unless you buy in much of the system.


is one route

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pranjal12 (author)rickharris2013-01-07

Thanx for the answer but the problem is that it costs £32.40 which is almost Rs 2861 here.Too much costly for me I can buy a mobile here for that much.

Still thanx


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