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Need help to Embed and Auto play a You tube Video in a Picture or Comment Answered

Need help to Embed and Auto play this video in a scammer comment 

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/gCx6WeyHmCk?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Well reporting these scammers on social or any network dos'nt work the profiles are left open and more scammer profiles opened each day in there thousands so we put warnings on them so i jut needed to know how to inbed my you tube warning video

1. The process will vary, site-to-site. Most involve pasting the embed code into a box that appears when you click an "add video" icon or similar.

2. If no such option exists, just post a link or a written warning.

3. You should really ask technical questions about particular sites *on* those sites.

4. Look at the bottom-right of every comment on this topic. See the "reply" button? Please, use it.

Here is a example of a scammer Profile on the social network tagged /hi5

Oh! I thought you meant *here*.

The process will be similar on most sites - find a "flag" or "report comment" button and use that. Scammers are not worth the effort of giving large warnings - best submit them to formal procedures.

Wheres the rich editor button all i see is embed on you tube 

The rich editor button is here, to the top-right of the empty comment-box.

The scammers are many we need to hide the Video in a comment such as a Myspace comment and post on profiles of known scammers most of which are people from Ghana and Nigeria posing as US Soldiers and British soldiers to scam money out of victims 419 scams

Hit the "rich editor" button, click the icon of a short piece of film, and then paste in the embed code.

(Who's the scammer? The admins will need to know.)