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Need help with BIOS on a legacy free computer. Answered

I run a toshiba satellite 5205 series laptop (i know, it's old, but it was free). apparently it is legacy-free, which really annoys me. I want to change the BIOS mode to ACHI and do a couple other things with the BIOS that HWsetup won't let me do. Any ideas?


I meant that in order to answer the question it would help to know what version BIOS you have.(there isn't enough information to give a good answer)


When it starts up one if not the first things on your monitor will be the BIOS version (it might be American Megatrends- or Gigabyte- for example).
Then it'll say some thing like "hit DELETE/F-KEY to enter setup" and it's probably what you want to be doing for this.


The research I did on the web says that there is no BIOS screen for this laptop.

mmm. It will have a BIOS they all do, the key you press is different though - which machine do you have?


I'm not sure-all it says is 5205 series. The research I did says that it is the ~ button, but when I use that, I just get a blank screen.

I wouldn't go for tilde.
How about the Toshiba Console?
"above F9 on your keyboard" or from the Start menu?


Oh dear. I'm short on alternatives...