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Need help with making m-80 out of flash powder from firecracker!!! Answered

I have been trying over and over again on taking the (what i think is flashpowder) out of firecrackers and putting it in my own homemade tubes and all they do is burn up not one pop. someone please help!!!!


u have to make sure those ends are plugged tight with emlers glue and the casing is as equal in strength and the caps thats the secret to makeing a good boom and not blowing out the ends also its much easier with higher grade flash because it can explode un conained so u could do it without gluing it ...not that u would want to, the flash powder is the silver stuff make sure not to get any white clumps or orange clay in it and i bet u it will work, cheers!

The burst and shock wave are produced by containing the propellant. Make sure your improvised-devices are tightly-contained.



8 years ago

 get a shotgun shell and use that as the tubing 

Check out the ible from "skunkbait jr" on this sort of thing. You'll have to search by his name as the ible doesn't show up under regular searches.

Don't worry man I'm here to help you. Get a pencil and paper and glue or duct tape (your chose for ether tape or glue). cut the width and length on the paper and then rap it around the pencil. if you use glue when you are rapping put a bit in. when you finish rapping take it of the paper then ether tape of one end or get tissiue paper tare a bit off and mix with glue so it looks a bit like paper masay. when you make it put your tube on a hard surface and put the tissiue and gule in and compress it with a pen. After drying put your powder in, and then put a water proof fuse in it and then tape it or put the tissiue and glue in to seal it and your done.


10 years ago

well u can have end caps durrr and super glue them in or u can make flash powder with kmno4(potassium permanernate) you can get it from a hardware store or a gardering place and mix kmno4 with al powde4r or better magnesium powder and make shore its sealed goo or its just gonna fizz make a long enf fuse to

. The reaction has to be contained long enough to build up pressure.

If it is from a firecracker, it is gunpowder. An M-80 is a good quick way to remove a hand, or blow quite a hole in various portions of the body.

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