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Need help with my Career Answered

Hey guys,
I was stuck between this two career paths since childhood and i still haven't decided what to do, so i need your help. I always wanted to become a doctor or a surgeon but recently i have a thing for becoming a pilot. I have no idea which one to choose, but the only thing i know is that i have to pick one.
Becoming a pilot is a great opportunity because you are able to fly a commercial plane plus visiting other countries everyday.

Here are the pros and cons about each career:

- There is always a position available for this in hospitals.
- you get respect
- you get an opportunity to save peoples lifes
- costs less to become
- good income

- Very lengthy process
- boring job
- very long training period

- Visit other countries
- fly a commercial airline
- very short training periods
- takes a short time to become one

- very stressful work
- very costly to train
- high expectations
- salary low compared to a doctor

so i love them both but i am really confused...please help

Money is not an issue here....the thing is that i can't let them go... 



I think the clue is really obvious.  You referred to being a doctor as being a "boring" job. Do something that excites you, and the money will follow.

my answer is a bit biased cause i just watched "air force one" and a documentary on the hudson river plane crash lol

Cool movie ! i watched a thing about the hydson river plane crash a few weeks ago . Damn birds

yEah ! i suppose though it would restrict airflow therefore not putting out enough thrust And not taking off !

I suppose something out of mesh In a oval shape could work but on the rear end it would probably melt

well birds don't come from the back,they can't on account of the trillion tons of thrust,so it would be needed in the front

Thats true But i suppose if it was that simple they'dve made something like that Already

- ....
- boring job

From your two lists, I see one that has a BIG negative in it that the other does not:  

If you feel that being a doctor,  that helping others become well, that constant diagnosis, and investigation and "detective work" would be boring.....I'd find something else besides a Doctor to be ...honestly.

Adding onto your list,
Save peoples lives
Save soldiers lives (if you are hired by the military. I don't know how that works though)
Surrounded almost literally around sick people
Bad choice if you don't like the sight or organs or blood

I can't think of any that you haven't said.
(Seriously here)Much higher risk of terrorist attack
Always a chance of a failure in the engine or something.

Good luck. It doesn't matter which you choose if you ask me. As long as you enjoy your job, and enjoy what happens because of  it.

You get direct commission as an officer, a Captain (O-3), with high incentives such as med school /vet school loans payed off while only serving like 3 years or so.

(Soldier is always capitalized :( )

Or you can work as a civilian in an Army hospital, not sure how much they make but I see more officers than civilians.

Can't you train as a medic under the army to work as a doctor for them? (Not on field though.)

The Army will train you to be a medic, but they wont train you to be a doctor.  Combat Medics provide EMT level care.

You're looking smart there!

Don't write off medicine / surgery as boring, it can be very interesting.
Don't forget that as a qualified doctor you'll also be able to visit other countries.
Being a pilot can be boring, with modern planes you spend most of your time sat doing very little while the plane files it's self. Oh and you get exposure to cosmic radiation and bad air more than most people.

Doctor - long slog while you're young, but a good solid earner for the long term.
Pilot - overrated probably.


Thanks lemonie,
I would love to become a doctor. The only thing that got me confused with the pilot thing was the time taken to become one. It's really time consuming. 15 years is a long time. I was just wondering ?...can i persue my career in both and become a pilot and  a doctor at the same time? .

Where I live you couldn't do both that easily as there's a lot of hard work involved on the doctor-side of things. But I guess you could take flying lessons etc in your spare time / days off?
I know a consultant (Obs & Gynae) who can earn more in a month through private-work than a lot of people do in a year. And that's on top of their salary, but I'm sure they've worked hard for it.


In addition your time in foreign countries as a pilot can largely consist of eating, drinking and then sleeping in a hotel before getting out on another flight.


It depends upon whether you like getting trashed on drink, going to bed with cabin-crew and then getting up for work the next day...


Well, it'd be a little better if the airline was paying expenses, and it was a good hotel.

 It depends on what type of pilot you are.

If you are a commercial pilot, I think it would be more enjoyable to be a puddle jumper pilot then a large passenger plane.  Puddle jumpers provide a slightly harder task, involve more, and have less passengers to kill.  (in case you didn't know, puddle jumpers are the types of planes that hold around fifty people, and go short distances.  Turbulance is very common, and you have more control over your path).

Large commercial jets are fun for those who like long boring flights, and have more people to kill (if you are in to that sort of thing).  

Doctors seem to have more riding on their careers.  Loss of life is common....

I don't like having people to care for.......  That's why I'm going into a non life threatening field.

BTW, you look spiffy in that suit!

Lol. Nice comment.

Large commercial jets are fun for those who like long boring flights, and have more people to kill (if you are in to that sort of thing).  

Thanks for the tips, but i might as well get into becoming a doctor, but i would certainly get my licence in aviation.

I think the most important thing maybe to realise is, that you may not have the skills for either. Don't get so hung up on the two areas. Perhaps neither are for you. If you can't make a decision then it  would appear to me to be a case of, you are not especially interested in either... A career choice should be one that clearly stands out from the rest. I would look at more options.

Thanks, but i think i got an option. I think i have chosen my career path and would love to become  a qualified doctor/ specilist. I know there is like another 9 years ahead, but anyways i am ready. I want to open a big hospital / surgery of mine and provide cheap and best services to my patients.

Don't become a doctor or a commercial pilot.  You already have millions of millions of dollars.  You can hire your own private doctor and get a license to fly your own planes.

I can do that anyway, but at the end i am cheating my way through. I wanna become something with hardwork not with money. I wanna show everyone what are my achievements and what i have done with my doings. I don't want people to say that i have a doctor , i want them to say that i am a doctor.

On the other hand thank you very much. I think i would persue my career in medical, because not only i enjoy doing it, i would be saving peoples lives. It's a interesting job and rewarding as well.

I'd be a pilot, but I'm not you.
You need to be very careful with this decision. Don't rush into it or you may be unhappy for life. Enlarge your list of pros and cons.
Consider what kind of lifestyle you want. Do you always want to be on the go, or have a static home?
If money isn't an issue, that's a good sign you might be happy financially either way.
What non-work related goals do you have? Which job better suits them?
Which job scares you the most/thrills you the most?
How much liability do you want your job to have? Would you rather the liability deal with people's lives or expensive cargo?
Would one drive you nuts in the long run/get boring?
Do you want to have the same friends your whole life, or meet new people daily?

Just take your time, think it over covering as many aspects of your life as possible, and then choose. Just don't put it to a vote from strangers (not that that is what this forum is).

 You're a tad off on the cost of becoming a doctor, methinks. I assure you, becoming a doctor is MUCH MUCH MUCH more expensive than becoming a pilot. That said, pilots spend many long hours in the air, and most of these are far away from family, which may be something worth taking into consideration.