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Need help with revenge. mwa ha ha! Answered

I'd like to know how to create a harmless virus that will block anyone from entering a certain website. But I'd like to be able to remove the virus after a period of time. Or at least do something to get revenge, harmless, but still revenge. They really ticked me off. I'm sure you've all been there. Any help would be great.


I can only do stuff from my own pc.

Basically, you don't have physical access to their computer. So you are hoping to plant your annoyware (or virus) into their computer remotely, and remove it after a certain period of time? If thats the case, writing the annoyware is the simple bit..The delivery and infection will be the trickier


10 years ago

If the person is not very techy then you can try Firefox web browser with Greecemonkey add-on installed and Platypus which is a WYSIWYG web page/greecemonkey script creator.

. Modify their HOSTS file.

. The HOSTS file is much like a DNS - it takes a domain name and returns an IP addy (well, the file doesn't actually do it, it's just a "config" file). Add an entry that resolves the site's domain name to (or any other IP). Google "hosts file editing" for details.

What type of site are you trying to get them away from? Forums?

Well, it's a game-site. But they do have forums. I know this may sound dumb and possibly child-ish, but the game is fun, it is www.ponyisland.org

Are you hoping to do this from your computer or your victim's computer? (Victim was the only right word to describe this)

are you trying to block it from that person's computer? or from the actual site server itself? if you are doing it from them computer, it would be pretty simple. just go to control panel, internet options, security, restricted sites, then click sites and put in the website address. should work anyways... as for blocking people from the actual server itself... idk.