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Need help with rewiring a nightmare. Answered

I have a box with 4 cables coming in. found one cable with power on white and black wire.  I have connected all the white wires together and the black and the ground  now with the hot wires i placed the white/hot wire on the top of the switch. don't know what to do with that black one, I have tried putting a black pigtail on the bottom and it lets me turn the light on but turning it off it's still on but dimmer.  
None of the wires are labeled and you can't tell where they go. this "box" had two outlets one to the hall light and one to outside which wasn't really working. and then it goes to the kitchen as well as the bathroom light and two of the three bedrooms, one on each end of house. 
Can someone help me figure this out, I have blown some breakers  and i even had this "pretty" light flash when testing which wire is what. 
Thanks to anyone who can help. please send info to bluefly1267@gmail.com  


Can you knock-up a diagram of all the lights and associated switches for us?

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are the white and black wires tied inti knob and tube wiring?? let me know

Sorry I asked the question. I thought there would be people on here with knowledge in electrical wiring, I was wrong. I really thought that was what this forum was about, asking a question and getting answers. Guess not.

Sorry you get that impression but you don't provide enough information to help anyone figure what you have. There are tons of people here with electrical wiring knowledge and experience but would hesitate to comment on your situation which they know is a nightmare.

Do you have a circuit breaker finder or signal injector probe to trace the wires? Besides your continuity or voltage detector, those tools are helpful. In an old house, color of wires may not mean much, especially if they were a hodgepodge jumble of retro-fitted circuits.

The only safe way to figure things out is to start isolating circuits one by one from the breaker box and go from there. Is this an apartment, single story house, or multiple floor house? One romex had an extra wire going to it? Any idea of what was connected or twisted together in the first place? Was everything working "normally" before you changed the wires? Are you messing with an outlet box or a junction box and what did you retrofit? Still can't figure out what you are doing or what you see.

By the way, use the reply button to someone's comments or they will never see the topic being bumped.

I do turn off the main breaker. The wiring was all screwed up before I touched it. In the first place, there was no box. I put in a retro fit. the wires have no logic to where they go. There is the hall light, an outside box, that was full of water that i put in a GFI, and then it travels somewhere. The way it is now, you can't figure where it goes. There is no logic to this. The main panel box is right next to me. I have the testing tools.
My dad was an electrician, he died in august so i can't ask him. I have been doing wiring of some sort since I was little.

The cable is romex two wire on all 4. someone put black coated cable wire with the white. so the cables coming in are black, black, white, white.

Tried to test where each breaker goes... no luck you really can't tell. The biggest problem is that one of the white cables coming in has a black wire and a white (neutral) wire that are both hot.
Believe me if I hadd the money I would have it completely re wired. When i have checked old outlets, the tester said they wired them backwards.

You don't know what you're doing, so you should stop.
Can you knock-up a diagram of all the lights and associated switches for us?


When I read the title, I thought you were in need of psychological help.
As it invloves just plain electronics, I suggest you follow the tips Caitlinsdad has given.
A picture would help though.

1. You shouldn't be poking around in a live outlet or junction box. You need to turn off the breakers and double check there is no juice. In an old house, I melted the end of a screwdriver that arc'ed from touching some unknown wire that was hot and the grounded box.

2. It would help if you could post a picture.

3. Where is this box located and what did it have hooked up before you started rearranging the wires?

4. Any three-way switches around?

5. You need to troubleshoot one circuit at a time and build up on it.  One white wire attached to the live one first.

6. What kind of wires are you dealing with romex flex cable, BX spiral metal tube, bare twisted wires with insulation falling off,  aluminum wires, old knob and tube....etc?

7.  There are some tools that can be used to trace out your circuits.