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Need honest opinions on Single Malt Scotches under $100 (Preferably from Scottish folks) Answered

If you recall the dialog from the movie, "My cousin Vinnie," the guy says, "No self respecting southern would eat ready made grits."  There is something to be said about his statement.  It is emphatic and pretty much gives away the sentiment from a southern (USA) point of view.

Now relate this to the Single Malts.  Can a statement be made, "No self respecting Scot would drink Glenmorangie," or whatever.  You see, my friends and I are having this perpetual debate over various Scotches, available here in the U.S. and under $100.  One of us made the comment that Macallan is over rated.  Yet, others think that Macallan sets the bar as high as it can be in that price range. No pun intended.

My local liquor store carries a fairly good selection.   I notice the following as being bought on a regular basis using a total non-scientific observation:

Highland Park

So my Scottish friends, please help me out here with your expert opinion on this topic and tell me how you truly feel about these brands.  Make BOLD statements.

Thank you.


If I drink a Scotch whisky, I always go with one at least 10 years old, distilled off the mainland. My top choices would be:

Bruichladdich (I've had the Rocks)

Jura (Superstition)

Talisker (10 year old)

Otherwise, Irish single malt whiskeys are lovely & peaty - go for Bushmills 10 year old (apparently the world's oldest licensed distillery).

Thanks Kiteman.

Most single malt scotches are 10+ years old. I have not seen the first two entries in your list. I will start looking for them from now on.

What do you think of Macallan?

Sorry, I haven't tried it.