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Need idea for material to pour into wax mold - making a skeleton key Answered

I own a treasure chest, locked with a heavy-duty skeleton keyed lock. However I only have one key. I am trying to make another for it as a spare. I have made a wax mold of the key, but I don't know what I can pour in, to make a key that is not brittle, not flimsy and cold enough it won't melt the wax. Any ideas?


Try epoxy resin - you can get moldable, putty types such as milliput http://www.milliput.com/home.htm - most harware stores carry something similar. For extra strength, bend a paperclip into a key shape and use it as a 'back bone' or internal frame inside the putty copy. Or use bakeable polymer clay over a wire skeleton/spine.

Well, plaster of paris would work to make a sturdier mold from, then you could use something like this stuff here.... or maybe something like this in that.   I am not sure how study they are however.