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Need idea's for a shooting thing Answered

Hi, I have some el cheapo airsoft guns that don't work that good so now, I'm looking for idea's for some other shoothing contraption that can be used for airsoft type battles. and something that doesn't hurt like hell(like the el cheapo airsoft that does work)and that can be made by a 14 year old(the youngest kid in this small village) any idea's?


heres the idea at my grandparents house they have old toy one is a anty aircraft gun the barel has slits down the side and a stick comes out them the stick is attached to a ram that is like a wood cookie behind the cookie is a large spring you pull the stick back till it clicks then a button in the back releases the cookie an shoots any thing stuffed in the barrel (hint make a sniper rifel without knex i realy am having trouble making one)

something like this? rubber bands can be added or removed for amount of 'zing' you can stand.


something like that might work, thanks!

Ya, and death is soul leaving the body. Airsofting is suppose to hurt, that's practically the point, or else there is no fun playing. My suggestion, fork out some cash, buy a good gun (yes, one that hurts[probably 360fps is ok for your friend]) and play the game it should be played.

wtf is the point of an airsoft gun if it DOSN'T hurt like hell, what are you a sissy. Heres an idea go to www.froogle.com or amazon or whatever type in airsoft guns, click buy done PS I play with green gas guns

cause i'want to be able to play it inside as well, and because one of my friends kinda is a sissy .a lasertag/paintbal/airoft-ish game is what I'm trying to do, no cost or almost none. Ps: what kind of green gas guns(pistol,smg,...)