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Need info on an instructable. Answered

I was reading the instructable for the LED rave glasses.  This one here:


In the instructable as in this image:


It seems as if everything is simply wired to the microcontroller.  Unfortunately, the wiring schematic was never added.  Is this LED matrix possible by just using the microcontroller as in the pic?  Would appreciate any word.



5 years ago

Those glasses are slick, too bad there is only a video. I only know a little bit about matrices, but I think you should check these instructions for making a minimal 8x8 LED matrix. Here he uses an ATTINY soldered directly to the LEDs and you couldn't ask for better documentation. Are you dead set on using a PICAXE? I'm sure it can be done, but the coding would be serious work.


Thank you very much for the link btw!

No problem :D
That project has been on my to-do-list for months. I love how it only used three components.

Nah, not deadset on Picaxe. Whatever would get the job done really. I just chose picaxe because it is what the OP used.

I don’t think you can see.
A look at the picks tells me you would have a pile of crap hanging off your head let alone carrying a pc to operate it.

That is why I am attempting to find out. If the user is controlling this using only the micro controller, then you wouldn't have much at all hanging off your head. I know enough to inform you that the PC is only used for the initial programming. The microcontroller stores the operations and a tiny switch toggles the modes. I need more info on wiring using only a microcontroller.

The smallest PICAXE micro controller unit I have ever seen fit in an Altoids box and that had an external power source.
It is a nice prop but you would need more than just one AA battery just for the LEDs and there is no place to hide that in the glasses.
There is just no way to see if you could hide all that behind the lenses and frame.
There is circuits on line is you search by IC part number and circuit diagram.

But the guy was able to do it in the instructable. He just attached it to the side. This could also be done with a lithium button battery. I don't really need info on how the build would work as this has already been done with success. I really only need info on the wiring of the micro-controller.

You should post this comment as a question on the instructable, then the author will get the question and, hopefully, answer.

I have posted it as a question to the creator. I am asking this to see if anyone has knowledge on the wiring or controlling a led matrix using only a microcontroller. Thanks.