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Need old Microprocessor CPU chips Answered

I need a bunch of old CPU microprocessor chips for a craft project.  They can be totally non-functional.  I'm interested in the physical package, not working electronics.  I'll pay postage and agree upon a sales price.

However, I'm most interested in older chips, the 486's and early Pentiums (586's).  See figure 2 as a guideline.  I need a bunch ( > 30) but I'll buy them one at a time if necessary.

All are for an Instructable, so it's for a good cause.  Any advice for websites that are selling to old chips would also be appreciated.

Thanks for any help!


If you are still interested in some of these let me know by replying to this post. I might have about a half dozen. also how would you pay me.


Let's figure it out on the PM channel.


8 years ago

Here's a photo of my father's set, on a different board.  This set needs some refurbishing, hopefully we can post it during that work.

Dads Industrial set.jpg

 I have a pentium sat around here somewhere, and an old motorola cpu. Both the flat topped style that you show in the first picture.

Any clues/spoilers what the project is?

The chips are for a chess board, will become the black squares.  Those Pentium chips measure 2 inches square, which is within regulation standards.

What I'd like to make is a computer themed chess set.  If I can get the parts for my vision, this will be a homage to my father's custom chess board he made in the '70s.

My Dad is a industrial arts professor.  Laminating wood squares to form a chess board is a classic woodshop lesson.  Back in the day, Dad made his own board, plus made custom playing pieces from nuts, bolts, washers, etc.

After I graduated from college in '99, I moved to NYC and used to scavenge CPUs from the streets.  Pulling out the chips, I thought they would make a cool, modern version of my Dad's chess set.

So I've had this project in mind for years, but only recently came up with a vision for the playing pieces.  I'm ready to go, alas microprocessors don't come in the same packaging.  I'm hoping I can get the ~30 chips I need and finally create this project.

This sounds like a fantastic project!  Perhaps for the 'white' squares you could encase the PINS from similar chips in casting resin, pin side up to show all the different dies.

Thanks frollard, I hope it comes out nice, I'm working on a beta version now.

Looking forward to it :D

Thanks Jayefuu, might be awhile before I can scrounge up the parts, however.

That sounds like itd be great !

Resistor man to e7!