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Need photoelectric/laser switch to trigger a shutter on a digital DSLR. Answered

I need some type of photoelectric/laser switch (similar to that used as a garage door safety device?) to trigger a shutter on a digital DSLR. Break the beam, the switch opens a circuit  and camera takes a picture - pretty simple. Any suggestions?



Best Answer 7 years ago

There are about *hyperbole alert* eight billion instructables on the subject -- seriously, there are lots - just need one of the many 'remote shutter' switches -- To get you started, check out the related instructables over on the right >>

Method: Generally, if it requires a fast shutter, its easier to do it in a dark room, and have the shutter stay open -- then fire the flash or strobe at just the right moment, then close the shutter.

If it isn't a fast moving object, just you want to catch it at an exact moment in time, go with the regular laser trip.

If you have a Canon PowerShot camera, it can most likely be run with CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit). It's a non volatile 3rd party firmware software. It will not actually install it onto the camera, but the camera will run it from the SD card.

With CHDK you can use many scripts for lots of awesome things. One of the things you can do with a script is Motion Sensor shooting.


Got it. Thanks Frollard!

Thanks for responding ....and the hyperbole alert.

Sorry, I should have been clearer. The wiring/connection to the camera is easy - I'm looking for the device that will shoot a beam across a path or road and open a circuit when the beam is broken. Its the device itself I'm looking for....headed to Home Depot now (possibly some type of garage door sensor). Because of the nature of the set up, I can only have a mirror on the far side of the path (no wire across the path to a receiver).

There is an instructable on this, I implore you to search for something along the lines of laser camera trigger -- or the like. :) I promise, it's there.

The device is some light source, and a 'light resistor', 'cds photocell', 'light sensor', etc. Radio shack will have the cadmium sulfide photocell - it acts as a variable resistor based on the amount of light. Just use a transistor to drive the camera from the cell's output.