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Need some help on a solar oven design, please. Answered

It's going to be one of those with a box chamber with gathering panels. Should the inside chamber of a solar oven be black, to absorb the heat, or should it be reflective to make sure that the tray and food are the only things that absorb it? What shape should the chamber be?


check out www.solarcooking.org for some ideas. Sorry for how late this is, you're probably out of school already, but it's still a cool website and might encourage you make one of your own or be of some inspiration.

There's best (black container at the focal point of a parabolic dish) and there's what works (silvered panels reflecting into a black box) doesn't get as hot for the same size, but, if you have enough sunlight, it works.

We're not allowed to make a parabolic one, because my teacher is apparently terrified of going blind. But you're saying the box that the food tray is in should absorb the light, instead of just the tray?

Best would be the food itself absorbing the light, second best would be the tray or pot that holds the food, worst would be the box. So the tray, not the box, should be black.