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Need some room decor ideas. Answered

My room is boring. I can do anything but paint the walls (we rent) But I CAN cover them floor to ceiling with whatever I wish. I've been looking for some kind of interesting pattern. I like bats and skulls. (realistic of both) But skulls are so overplayed, and bats seem like a far stretch to decorate with. I'm pretty artistic, and awfully handy with making stuff (especially for a 15 year old, been building my whole life.) I have a large piece of flat cardboard that backed a John Lennon Poster I recently bought, and a piece of black foamboard. I plan on taping, cutting, painting the cardboard (probably a bat design, I'm just recently getting into them) and drawing another bat on the black foamboard using silver sharpie. Sooo.... any design ideas you guys have for making things, such as any kind of wall hanging would be nice to hear about.


I don't know if you would like it, but you could take free roadmaps and cover entire walls with them. I'm tempted to try it once I get some time

In my old home, a wall in the office was covered from floor to ceiling with a giant aviation map of the United States. It was really cool looking.

i've always like drooms were EVERY SINGLE THING was one weird color like orange or neon green

ok so if you want o have diffrent wall colors but cant paint the walls is buy a giant sheet of the color you want and tack or staple it up on your wall make it tight though and you will have something that looks like a painted wall

try doing some awesome things using only LED and batteries! its awesome!

Mod your table lamp or ceiling light to throw up the bat-signal. Use your foamboard to cut out a swarm of bats for a mobile to hang. Play a light on them to cast bat-shadows on the wall.

black sheet of cloth punched to look like swarm of bats place daylight or cool white CFL in a can (like trash can) and place it behind the black sheet to resemble a moon in the dark sky. the can is to prevent the light from spreading. cut vents in the can for cooling place second sheet of dark blue cloth behind the black one and behind the can. it'll be lit with small amount of light in the area next to the can and resemble the blue lit sky near the moon add white LEDs as stars / as light source