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Need some urgent help in Hydraulics!! Answered

I want to participate in a Robowar tournament in IIT, India. For the weapon I am planning to use Hydraulic claw just like Razor from Robotwars. Could someone please tell me what are parts needed for the hydraulics?    


Hydraulics need high pressure pumps, pressure bypass valves, oil reservoirs and double acting hydraulic valves for the ram.

They can be VERY dangerous to play with.

Hydraulic cylinders usually use two ports, one to push the rod out, and one to push the rod in, the valve needs to operate in both directions. When the end stops are reached, the pressure bypass in the pump kicks in, and oil flows in the pump/reservoir circuit

THis is going to be expensive. Google "12 volt hydraulic pump" . THen look for a cylinder, valves. lines and a tank to see what I mean.

I'll bet it uses an air piston with a valve and storage tank.

Air? Could CO2 be used? The small tanks from a pint ball gun would be sweet.

The Razor uses hydraulics
Here is a video of it in action

Could someone please tell me the parts required for this hydraulic system?