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Need suggestions on what to build Answered

All my projects have failed, except for the folding stock. if you want to see that, tell me. What should I build? Guns only, please suggest something. Ill collab with you if you want. 


I'm gonna steal whatever ideas you don't take if you don't mind. I haven't been k'nexing at all lately and need to get back into it.

Want to do a collab? I have an idea, and it would require your charging handle mech.

I guess. I was looking into using it again so if what you're thinking is good I'll help out.

I was thinking of making Masada. Not the ACR, the magpie Masada, like the A&K sportline. The charging handle would cock and load the gun. Folding stock, flip sights. Maybe realistic takedown.

Mugpul, not magpie. FU auto correct.

He's talking about the Magpul Masada now I understand. For some reason it wasn't showing his first comment but only his second one when I first looked.

It's the same gun but a different variant. It's like the M16A1 compared to the original M16. Small but still defining changes. For example, the charging handle was moved forward on the ACR as compared to the Masada.

Well, as you just said, it's the same gun ;)
I know what you mean though.

You didn't clarify, though. You game me the impression that they are the very same weapon, no difference which is untrue.

That will be after my M16A4, and after I post the LMG. Can you help me with the LMG?

A p90 reolica using my semi auto mech?

Impossible to get to work.

I'm sure its possible.

If you make the mech, I'll make a body. You would have to figure out where the rounds would fly out of.

look at mahmel, he made 7 absolutely amazing things in 1.5 months!

and he didnt even asked others...

make some replicas!! :D

Ok, i'll look forward to it!


7 years ago

im doing a mac10/11 soon, any pics of the folding stock?

Pic later tonight, along with a slideshow of old/failed projects

pic of stock tommorrow

kay, nice one.

kool, post tha m4

Why guns only?

Why K'NEX only?