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Need to build a circuit board Answered

I need to build a small circuit board, with a timer and a led light, small as a nickel, I will provide more details. any idea?



10 years ago

So... you want this to make an LED turn on for 10 seconds, then off?

do you know who can build a prototype for me?

I don't know exactly... I would ask around on the site. You could always go to my store... Shameless Plug.

But I would look other places too. Maybe try the Help section of the forums?

actually is more like 3 or 4 seconds, yes and them off

You should probably use a low powered 555 timer. This is a good link to learn about 555 timers. For a quicker solution though...

This instructable has a great 555 circuit. Just ignore the stuff about the painted circuit and just look at their schematic.