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Need to create a lifesize "tree" out of recyclable materials Answered

Can anyone suggest a way to create a life sized tree or an abstact looking tree (preferably out of recycled materials)?


Take a lot of plastic bottles, and hot glue them together with five on each level. Then, for the tree leaves use plastic bags.

Hope this helps with your project! :)

I plan to make a 1 demensional 6ft tree from 1 slim PVC and old news papers. I will green wash the papers with water and paint then cut giant circles out and layer them on top of each other in a tree shape. I wil then attach it to the PVC and anchor it by duct tape the PVC to a used juice container filled with water and then duct tape that to another old jug filled with water. I will decorate the base to cover the jugs with fabric, plastic Tavel cloths, gift wrap or even more old newspaper glittered up and/or decorated in some way. I hope this helps. I'm in the middle of the project do I don't have picks yet.

Great collection of pictures you found.

I suppose it depends on the purpose of the tree. Is it for a stage show? Is it an Art piece? Please give us a clue. For our school theatre the trees are simple shapes cut from hardboard (or similar) then painted to look like trees. let us know more although Kelsmyth found a lot of images to choose from. Good Luck.

I use old dry dog food bags. Many DF bags have several layers of brown craft like paper inside. I take off the outside, printed wrapping. Then I pull one layer of the inner brown paper to the top, and the other to the bottom. I then tear the top & bottom into strips that I then twist & roll into branches and roots. Then I use unbleached coffee filters that I have traced the kid's hand prints on. Cut out the hand prints. I use Easter egg dye-orange, green & red and dip the fingers into different colors to make fall leaves. We then add a hole in the trunk with owls or squirrels peeking out. Embellish with bats, skeletons, birds or that fiber spider webbing you can find in stores around Halloween time. I use the yellow/orange printed part of the bag to cut out jack o lanterns. Makes a really fun project for the kids. I use a hole punch to punch holes into the leaves & branches to add the leaves. I have also used tea tags to attach ghosts or bats. Hope this is inspiring to you. Have fun!


Plant an acorn and let the tree "make" itself.(even if that doesn't satisfy the question, it's still a good thing to do)

Wait for trash day, and visualize what things people are discarding would be as parts of a tree.

Thread string through plastic bottles (drill a hole in the bottom), and tie or tape strings of bottles together to make trunks & branches.