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Need to get ideas to make an impression/stamp device to put my logo on Fiber surface Answered

Dear Experts,
i would liek toget shares abt one idea, that
i need to print my logo on fiber surface.i am not to get any thing like a colour mark., something like an imprint or like scratched, but it should highlight my logo(or design)the surface will be fiber.

if i can do so, then, these item will be more attractive with own brand image

hardly waiting to get guided



Dear Kiteman, and also gmjhowe,
first of all, sorry for my mistakes i my post. and thanking you ery much for kind replies. let me expalin little bit more,

in my mind, i have got an idea to make a logo, imprint on a Fiber surface.
i am to make a logo impression(projected) on a metel(hard) surface.
will (*)apply chemical on the area on the fiber, in where i have to put this impression,

and after that, will press hardly once or twice to make the impression, and will rince off with water on the surface, to wipe the chemical particls off.
thats it. BUT...

i need to get guidance abt (*)Chemical, that, what chemical i can use for making the fiber surface get soften??
the impression device, i have got an idea from dear Kiteman.thanking you.

or else, do u have any other idea for my purpose??

hardly waiting to get replied

yours lovingly

You want to form a raised image on a stiff material, by chemical-treatment and a metal-die?
What material do you want to create the logo on?
You're talking about some kind of embossing process?


yes, i want to make the IMPRESSION of my LOGO on FIBER (Not PLASTIC) surface.
well, imprint (will come in depth) or emboss(as u have shown in image) dosint matter,

i hope, i am close to the idea.

hardly waiting to get guided.

Which fibrous material? - It is important what you want to do this with.


My Dear lemonie,
the surface, it is actually a toy tricycle.its seat is made with fine quality of fiber,made with top quality materials (PP、PC、PE、ABS、PA).

and i am to make impression/emboss of the back side of the seat. as my self, i have made little customizations, that is why i was thought to put my personal logo on back of those seats.

hope i have furnished, most of the datas.

hardly waiting

I am thinking that a hot-metal press might do this for you.
You should be able to have a press made to your design
Maybe warm it with hot air or a clean flame to ~100oC.


Dear lemonie,
thanking you very much. but be kind to guide me, if i am to make this die to hot from the flames, and if i am to punch to the plastic surface, does that will be clear as professional?? or will make an impression as messed up??

pls share you view.


If it's a clean flame and the die is not too hot I would expect a good result. However, you should practice first
Try heating a coin and pressing a sample of material with those - a heavy weight or pliers perhaps - see how the material reacts.


I think he wants a chemical to make the fibres swell, and stay swollen.

Off-hand, I can't think of one.

(Sorry, Shi).

My Dear experts,
as every time, i am thinking abt how to.
and this day, i have got a fantastic idea.(only idea, dont know hoe to make exactly)
i am not going for any chemicals, nor a common metel die. i am thinking to make a die, as the principle of the normal IRON BOX. if i am making my logo on a stral or so surface, and i am making a heating circuit, i hope, i can use this to make an imprint on the fiber or even the plastic surfaces.is that fair please??

pls guide me on these thoughts, and also, sugest me how to move, if this worth.

hardly waiting

dear experts,
one more idea,
that if there is any chemical for making emboss( or as etching on glasss-effecr) then, why to use a Metel Die?? hope can use Stencil

waiting to get replied


Take a block of metal.
Draw your logo on the surface.
Cut, carve or grind away the metal that is not logo.
Lay your paper on a soft surface (like a mouse mat).
Press or hammer the block onto the paper.
Turn the paper over, and you will see your logo in a raised pattern.


Take a block of metal.
Draw your logo on the surface in reverse (turned over, back to front)
Cut, carve or grind away the metal that is not logo.
Lay your paper on a soft surface (like a mouse mat).
Press or hammer the block onto the paper.
Your logo will be impressed into the surface of the fibre.

 Hello, I am guessing english is not your first language, so I will try my best.

Google a process called 'Letterpress' I am currently going about making some letterpress business cards, was this the style you were referring to?