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Needle Rifle Answered

I need some help. I'm making a "needle rifle" (similar to a Halo needler, only green needles and it's a rifle) for a (working) prop. I made a few drawings of needle guns I could (or could not) make (depends on If I can work out a few kinks). The one I'm farthest in development on is the weapn seen on the bottom. This is a needle rifle. I want to mod a Nerf gun to shoot green darts (hopefully illuminated by glow in the dark, LED, etc...) and APPEAR like it's shooting needles (dyed plexiglass spikes) from a wheel that spins and "regrows" (not really) needles. I need a Nerf/Air Blasters/Air Zone dart gun that is motorized, rapid fire, and loads by inserting the individual darts into the gun when opened (no clips or ammo chains- although, good idea for a different needler gun design...). So here's my question- Which gun do I use, How do I integrate it into/around the "needle wheel" thing, and does anyone know how do make Nerf darts (suction cup/tagger/sonic/whatever works is great) actually light up? If it helps, I've got a zillion of these button cell batteries that seem to be the same diameter as a standard Nerf dart...Would an LED work? Also, if anyone has any ideas for a dart gun to use for the other guns in the drawing, it would be great if I could get some help with that as well.


I'd saymodify the Nerf vulcan, make a drum magazine and make the needles on the drum.

Aren't they coming out with the Nerf Raider sometime this year?

I found a few pictures online of possible guns- -The Buzz Bee Belt Blaster (chain fed) -The Air Blasters Tommy 20 (motorized) -The Nerf Raider (chain fed-I think) -And possibly for the needle pistol, I found a picture of the Photon Burst Power Blaster (magazine fed)

Buzz Bee Belt Blaster Loaded.jpgTommy 20.jpgNerf Raider.jpgPhoton Burst Power Blaster Loaded.jpg

the raider isnt chain powered-its the same as a normal nerf mag (but bigger). The gun is pump action

Ive got an idea, but its going to cost a bit; Go buy a nerf firefly It uses darts that have these photo-luminescent stickers you put on them The firefly has a camera flash kinda thing that activates the stickers on the darts, and the darts glow green for about 30 seconds; you should buy one, then just take out the darts and the electrical rig, then use it in your "Needle Gun" As for the needle part, just screw around with the darts

Ok, today I went to target and I only had $30; I didn't see a Photon Burst, I didn't see a Belt Blaster (I think those are new and only in Canada-for now anyway), I didn't have enough money to buy the Vulcan, and obviously the Nerf Raider isn't out yet, so.......I actually bought the Tommy 20 (mine's green). It's a reasonably good gun (I think so anyway), decent rate of fire (I can probably find a way to increase it). The only problems I've had with it so far is a "clackity" hinge (fixed that already), lack of range (think I know what to do for that), bad contacts between the front of the gun and the back (easy fix), and sufficient jams: 3-4 dart jams in the barrel (haven't figured that one out yet). I think what's causing the darts to jam up is that the wheels that spin and "grab" the darts have poor traction, or the wheels are a little too far apart, or both (yes, most likely both-considering how "lucky" I am). I would also like to pleasantly note that I have a basic PVC marshmellow gun, and when I shoot darts from it, it makes the Tommy 20 look wimpy.

1 possibility is start from scrach, if you have/ get you hands on a 3d software you could draw it up and make it out of lexan, like im doing any way to make the darts re grow you could have hooks on the wheel that would puck up dartsside ways that when it revolves it would slide it in the barrel (your pistol looks like a flechet from C&C;) good luck o no i red and relized you said your allmost finished in teh other posts darn


Well, if you take a quick at my instructables, you can see i know a fair bit about modelling prop weapons. Although i am yet to produce one that 'works' as your describe it. I have a fair idea how you would make the 'regrowing' section. As for the firing section, have you thought about having a bb gun, with glow in the dark green bb's? If you out fitted the end of the barrel with UV led lights, it would give the appearance of a needle being fired due to the speed of the bb gun. The advantage here is that you can easily pick up a small compact automatic bb gun, and it can easily be taken apart and outfitted. Be sure to ask me any other questions, and we can brainstorm around it a bit.

I bought a Tommy 20 gun (I know, I'ts not Nerf- I probably should've bought the Nerf Rapid Fire) and it's a pretty decent gun, but it has a few major problems.......... First of all, I can't shoot it at any upward (or usually even level) angle without it jamming up every couple of shots. As I stated above, I wrapped rubber bands around the drive wheels to help the drive wheels grab the darts better and keep them from slipping so much. I'm still getting jamming problems. I think what's still causing this is that the mechanized plunger in the body of the gun isn't pushing the darts far enough into the drive wheels. Do you know any mods I could do on the body of the Tommy 20 for this? I think I'm going to cut part of the plastic out of the front of the gun so that if a dart doesn't catch, it'll be able to exit from the firing line and travel around the drum for a second (or third, fourth, fifth, etc) chance to actually fire. I think (if I'm going to make a WORKING prop) I just simply get the gun to where it'll actually do what it's supposed to do (shoot) (accuracy/range doesn't matter here-it's only a prop), I'll make a new body and put it outside/over/on top of the original gun. But I'm starting to get a feeling that this is out of my experience level, and would be nothing but a waste of time, sweat, and money-just for a simple (working) prop. It would most likely be a LOT easier to make a realistic needle rifle that APPEARS to be firing (with a flashing green LED in the barrel and sound effects in it or something) than to go to all of this trouble to mod a nerf (actually Air Blaster) gun, and build around it for the sole feature of actual operation, don't you think?

For the "regrowing" section, here's what I think I'm going to make- It's kind of like a set of gears (one inside the other). As it spins, the needles appear to "regrow" on the wheel. I may even use a few green LEDs to illuminate the needles. (I made this in Google SketchUp)

Needle wheel 1.pngNeedle wheel 2.pngNeedle wheel 3.png

I think I solved all of my issues with this gun!!! I'm not out of the woods yet, but I can see the end! Here's what the problem was-the wheels that grab the darts were slipping. Because the dart didn't fire, the dart holder keeps moving and causes a jam. I took a look, and sure enough-there's too much space in between the drive wheels. So what I did was wrap small rubberbands around the drive wheels to increase their size and traction. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of jams in the gun. I still want to put a little bit of hot glue around the outer bands and a light coating of glue over the middle bands so that they don't slip off when I'm shooting darts (soon to be needles!). I'll post an instructible on how to do this tomorrow or on Monday. Wish me luck!

Rats. I didn't work as well as I'd hoped. I think that now the head on the dart is too big and the wheels are having trouble pulling it through. But, on the bright side, the wheels don't slip on the rest of the dart! So, I'm not going to mess with it right now, I also didn't glue the bands on yet. I think a different type of dart would work better for this gun (streamline darts), because the heads on the darts I've got (cheap yellow/purple suction darts)-the bodies are too small without the bands, and the heads are too big with them. I can't make the bodies of the darts bigger because they won't fit in the holder that revolves around. I'm leaving this alone for now........

I don't know.... Hack the auto nerf gun? I've seen an auto BB gun somewhere.