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Needs thoughts on a marxism book? Answered

Id like a book that provides a healthy, educating, and comprehensive overview of Marxism. A book void of too much opinion and lots of refrenses. I'de also like a million dollars, and to live forever. Now, I realize that not a single one of these things is possible, but we can do SOMETHING about my "Marxism book" problem right?



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Are you looking for Marxist economic theory? Political theory? Or the philosophy of dialectical materialism?

You probably want to check university bookstores for political science texts if you want something without much opinion and with lots of references.

Okay, for political and economic Marxism, without too much opinion, you definitely need to look for academic books, and preferably classroom texts. Books by "practising Marxists" or their antagonists are necessarily going to be biased and opinionated.

If you're lucky, somebody here on I'bles will read this and have some recommendation for you. Failing that, I would go directly to some of the larger University bookstores (most of which have online presences) to see what titles they use in their political science courses on Marxism. Then check Amazon to see if you can find those titles cheaper :-)

Hit your local library, ask the reference librarian to help you find some likely books on the topic, look them over and see which one(s) meet your needs.

Actually, I think this might be a slightly better approach, unless his local librarian is him/herself already a Marxist philosopher. We have enough people around here, with broad and varied interests, that someone should have a favorite text on the subject(s). And a recommendation based on personal experience is often better than a catalog search.

That's what I've been saying , but was shouted down by the LMJGTFYists! Come the revolution! ; D

Karl Marx "Communist Manifest"

Comrades! Let's join the march and sing together The Internationale!

Too many opinions and not enough references. :-)

Come on my friend! Let's enjoy the fruits of this glorious revolution! :)