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Nema 17 max speed? Answered

What is the max speed of a NEMA 17 motor like this one? I will use a easydriver+arduino. Would there be a different stepper driver i should use (that is still cheap)?

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Kenny Industries (author)2018-02-23

With Ramping and Pololu a4988 at max and 1/16 microstepping I managed to get it to 900 RPM, if the condition is right. Usually it gets around 800 RPM. 12V btw.

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rickharris (author)2016-11-06

As DU says Not that easy to answer.

Because of the way a stepper motor works the faster you step it the less torque your going to get. Depending on what your doing with it this may be the limiting factor.

Some valuable reading:




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Downunder35m (author)2016-11-06

Max speed is relative and the only safe way to get both high speed AND enough torque is to use either a suitable or really good hardware.
Problem is the timing and how the driver actually controls the motor.
Might be easier to seek a different option if speed is the only concern....

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