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Nerd Pride Movie Night: Real Genius, 8pm 4/20 at Instructables HQ Answered

We're hosting Nerd Pride Movie Night here at Instructables HQ at 8pm Friday the 20th of April.
First movie: Real Genius starring a young Val Kilmer. A fabulous nerd comedy classic from 1985- see it and recognize the source or all those great quotes.
Plot summary: A group of exceptionally bright students are unwittingly involved in the development of a military weapon.
We'll provide the popcorn.

Instructables, 2175 Monarch St, Alameda, CA
Note that the mapping programs don't get our location exactly right. We're in the control tower at the old Alameda naval air base.
Directions here

What is Nerd Pride Movie Night?
Nerd Pride movies celebrate nerds doing their thing. These are not just movies for nerds, or movies nerds like to watch- these movies are classic examples of nerds using their science and tech skills to overcome overwhelming (and often ridiculous) odds.

We'll be alternating Instructables Show & Tell with Nerd Pride Movie Night every month until we think of something even more entertaining to do. I'm toying with the idea of Bad Science Movie Night (The Core!), but we'll see how the nerd classics fare first.

We're starting off with the truly classic Real Genius, and will follow up in June with Ghostbusters. Feel free to offer your suggestions, but be warned that I can't stand Buckaroo Banzai, so will veto it with prejudice no matter how many votes it receives. Fire away.


Here is my list...

Nerdy Post-apocolyptic/Sci-Fi:

Silent Running
City of Lost Children
12 Monkeys
This Island Earth

Nerdy documentary:

Fast Cheap and Out of Control
The Way Things Go (<--- short, possible double-feature with something?)
Fishing with John (Tom Waits gives you fishing instructions... of questionable use)

Nerdy rock-operas:

American Astronaut
The Forbidden Zone

Nerdy comedies:

any Wallace & Gromit film
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
MST3K the Movie

Nerdy mad scientists:

The Fly
Young Frankenstein
Geek Maggot Bingo
Skeleton of Cadavra

This may be stretching it, but a marathon of the BBC Prisoner series would be awesome. Everyone likes the Prisoner and #2.... except for #6... he is not a number, he is a free man!

Wow... someone else has seen American Astronaut.

Two more additions to the list:

War Games
Repo Man

Yes! War Games. Everything I know about anything I learned from watching War Games.


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That's what I meant by his character (i.e. not Bela). Amazing (yet aesthetically disturbing) waist on Vampira though, 18 inch?

Yes. She was a strange one indeed.

Bride of the Monster is well worth watching, especially if you've enjoyed Ed Wood.
A sample of Bela Lugosi fron the film is used here (under music):

Yes, and Ed Wood's last movie with Bela Lugosi, is still frequently listed as the all-time worst movie, Plan 9 From Outer Space. Bela actually died before shooting began, so a home movie of him in front of his home was used in the opening shot of the film.

I found a copy of Plan 9 From Outer Space yesterday! There's precious little footage of Bela (as you indicate) his character very conspicuoisly covers his face with the cape for most of his scenes. I still prefer Bride of the Monster though.

His character covers his face, because that's a stand-in that Ed Wood found at the last minute when Bela died. If you look, the guy is way too tall! :)

When I was at uni, back in the 80s, the film society I helped run had the proud boast of being the second people to screen Buckaroo Banzai in the UK. The first cinema to show it burned down the first night.

Buckaroo Banzai is BRILLIANT! I'd suggest "Howard the Duck", and Lea Thompson's a +

Inspired by insomnia a few other fave "bad" movies. Zardoz, Ice Pirates, Lifeforce (A movie about naked space vampires, with Cap'n Picard), and "Quatermass and the Pit".

See above; Bad Movies Nerds Like != Nerd Pride Movies.

That said, I'm going to have to go looking for Lifeforce. Heh.

Buckaroo Banzai is BRILLIANT!
You must have been on some pretty heavy meds at the time; that's all I can say. I've a great appreciation for many quite bad movies, especially when seen with the right group of people, but this was just lame. Which is a shame- it could have been quite good.

I haven't seen it in a while, but I admit that I did love that movie. Even saw it in the theater. I've been holding back from seeing it again because I'm afraid of destroying my nostalgia and quite frankly I hate seeing movies more than once. From what I recall I think it's more in the What Nerds Like to Watch and Quote category with Princess Bride and everything from Monty Python.

Did they alter the image in the poster to move Val's eyes closer together? Yikes!

I don't know, but I miss the old movie poster. This nuclear afro thing isn't doing it for me.


Does it make me any less of a nerd to say... I don't think I've ever seen this? To restore my status.... I have.... The Original Star Trek Movies.... on VHS :P

Yes, it does.
Please turn in your nerd credentials immediately- we'll return them upon proof of watching Real Genius.

I can one-up ya, trebuchet! I've got the original Star Wars Trilogy on VHS... And Easy Rider! :)

Also has the trilogy :P But you've got m on Easy Rider :P

My old bossman had Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite (full size) - one of 1500 made. It was pretty cool walking into work and seeing that (among other awesome related memorabilia) :P

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11 years ago

Whoa Whoa Whoa,

Did I just read that The Core would be a candidate for Bad Science Movie Night? You must be crazy because 1) The Core is awesome, and 2) It's real. Read the article and then be very afraid that the center of the earth may have actually stopped spinning.

We went to see The Core at The Parkway, an Oakland classic beer & pizza movie theatre with couches, with at least a dozen MIT nerds.

It was spectacular- at certain points the engineers screamed in pain, at some points the physicists cried, and sometimes we all just yelled and threw popcorn.

(you are joking) Definately the biggest pile of crap I ever bothered to give half my attention to just to see how bad it was. Still it's seems someone has one-upped this plot with Sunshine...

My favorite geek pride moment was in Apollo 13 when the engineers needed to figure out a way to keep the astronauts alive. Fell asleep soon after and woke when they landed in the ocean.

My driving instructor was one of those guys! It was really interesting talking with him :P Sadly, he passed away from lung failure... The classic engineer stereotype - chain smoker :/

NASA nerds, and real ones too! I had read that NASA nerd had plastic insets for their shirt-pockets (to keep Biro-ink of the fabric.

Banzai was...crap, really. Amusing crap, but crap that gave me a headache.