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Nerf Hyper Sight Lock 'n' Load Airsoft Mod Help Answered

I'm starting to hate gravity... I think every geek goes through that phase at least once in their life. Anywho, I just modded my Nerf Hyper Sight Lock 'n' Load gun to fire airsoft pellets, but is there a way to prevent pellets from rolling right out the barrel when the barrel is less than parallel to the ground? Any help is greatly appreciated.


lawl, hymen... Ahem, Thank you very much. That's very helpful. Hehe... lubricant...

You would have to make some sort of hymen that holds the weight of the pellet yet flex's enough to allow it to pass through under pressure. Perhaps if you found the exact sized 'o' ring then it could infact be glued in the barrel at the disired position. Perhaps go for a slightly larger 'o' ring but still smaller than the barrel and use some silicon lubricant to assist the pellet sliding through it... Or Mod your barrel for a 'snug' fit to the pellets.