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Nerf guns, parts Answered

Hello instructables community, i am looking to buy most used (it doesn't have to be, but don't go out to walmart and buy one and try to sell it to me for a higher price)  nerf guns and parts, if you take a look in your attic you might find a few for me to take off your hands 

  thanks, firezone


I have a woodland camoflauged recon with AR's removed and better spring, a CPVC'd tech target pistol, and CPVC. I also have a massive amount of pieces for old blasters, including shells, plunger tubes, pieces, etc..


sorry it took so long to reply but you dont happen to have any airgun parts, that and springs is what im interested in the moment 

Nope, sorry :(

Good luck! Hope you get what you want.

woops, that post had some pretty bad grammar :)