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Nervous kitties? Answered

Cats!! urg...A few years ago our older cat started biting and licking all his fur off..When the fur was gone he kept licking and biting! That left scabs,and blood all over.,but this was not the only thing that has happened to him. He was also very antisocial,and very skittish. At the time we only had two cats,who ended up mating...but then the mother cat gave birth to her litter she started not using her litter box..just went everywhere all over the house. So we decided to get her to someone at a farm. This is when my father cat started all the over grooming. We ended up keeping one of the male kittens from that litter. He is perfectly fine this whole time. Which ruled out mites that were effecting the Father cat...We moved to a new house a few weeks ago. I was hoping BamBam wouldnt get worse. But He is healing fine and doing great..It is his baby that is having the problems. Overgrooming.. WE DO NOT HAVE FLEAS...I de shed them daily....with a fle comb...wHAT CAN I DO TO HELP THESE POOR KITTIES?

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canucksgirl (author)2012-11-22

A friend of mine had basically the same problem until getting this product called Feliway. It comes as a spray and a plug-in unit that went into the wall (like those air fresheners). The stuff doesn't smell like anything to humans, but its some kind of pheromone that makes cats feel more relaxed and calm (its not like catnip or anything). After the units were plugged in and rooms were sprayed with the stuff (regularly) the cats stopped ripping their hair out and used the litter box again. The vet had suggested it. Here's the Feliway website if your interested.

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jessyratfink (author)2012-11-22
It's probably stress! I've had a couple cats that've done that. There are a few things you can do:
  • try to spend extra time playing/petting/whatever your cat enjoys. It could be that the baby's not getting enough stimulation
  • try to make an area of the house quiet and cat friendly. Noise like loud TV, vacuums, and even traffic can make kitties skittish. Depending on what the kitten likes, you might want to try to get him a perch high up (the top of a shelf or something like that) or a nice cozy hiding place.
  • it could also be the recent move - sometimes that is super stressful! try the first couple things and give it a couple weeks :)
If none of these work, try switching the kitten's food to something that has only whole grains - some animals are allergic to the overly processed corn/soy/what based foods. My dog's that way - we recently switched his food and he's stopped biting and licking!

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