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Nesting Sparrows Journal Answered

Hello all, Ive got some House Sparrows nesting in my yard, right next to my window. I know their just boring 'ol sparrows, but their still fasinating to study. Anyway, I plan on making a journal of sorts for their nest and such. I hope to be able to update it every other day or so. If you have any questions or comments please ask! I will get a photo as soon As I can. I will keep this up to date as best I can. Thanks! Anyway... April 1st-5th: Sparrows in and out, they seem to like it. April 6th: Sparrows begin filling nest box with straw. April 7-13th: Sparrow stuffing box with straw any hay. Constantly in the yard. April 14th: Frequently in and out of nest box, almost always one bird inside at all times April 15th: Lining of the nest! A number of feathers have been added to the now bowl shaped interior. Male and female always close by. April 16th - 20th: More nest lining, though they seem to be not as active as they were when they were filling the nest box with straw. April 21st: The sparrows have found a liking for plastic packaging, and have added a fair bit to the box. April 22nd: Their plastic taste continues with the addition of a plastic bag. Its getting really cramped inside, though there is a nice bowl shape inside now. April 23rd-26th: Finished lining, the sparrows seem to be spending their down time in a nearby tree, soaking up the sun.


wow, i think it's kindof interesting how most people probably won't do something like this. just wondering, but when did they lay eggs?

I todally lost count... Sorry :-0 The second brood are already out of the nest!

wow! you live in a really beautiful backyard. my backyard is really big too, but we don't get many birds around there other than pigeons :P But this one time, there was a huge hawk that landed in our backyard! just today, it was so funny!, but a bird just crashed into our backyard sliding glass door! it was freaky too because there were feathers everywhere, so i hope the bird wasn't injured, that would be sad :(

I've been raising a mockingbird chick for the past week. Been feeding it crickets, very niosy

Photo 6.jpg

That is insagnley cool! Holy cow, that would be so fun... Howdya get a hold of it? Is it calm around humans? By the way, you should also feed it mealworms, they're a dime a dozen at bird stores.

I found it in my driveway. We had been experiencing extremely windy conditions and I could not find the nest. The parents attacked me when i chased it around and grabbed it (there are numerous stray cats roaming in the area). It was scared of peopel for like, halfa day. THen it got over us and screams for food al the time. I've been feeding it mealworms, beans, grains, smorgeshborg really. Fortunetly it shuts up at night, having a bird scream for food can be unerving, but rather rewarding.

Sounds extremely cool. Do you plan on releasing it once its matured? A video would be neat too. Do you keep it in a cage?

I plan to Ible it, with a successful release into the wild. However, according to what I have read, they are rather tricky buggers, sure they have the option to roam free, but they'll come back if you will feed them. During the day I have him out, so he can fly around and build muscle. At night or when gone I keep him in a tall cardboard box with stick and holes in it.

That's so awesome! Haha, I want one now.

I want a mockingbird, they're cuter than I thought. I always expected them to be evil looking or something... XD


How do you go from explosives to bird homes?

Ive been into both of them for quite some time. I'd never combine the two though...

-suddenly imagines a Canadian training sparrows to drop firecrackers in a designated area-

I have about 8 bird feeders in my yard... They'll have more than enough to eat!

that's pretty kool. i thought they would be boring also, but then i looked at some entries and it was pretty interesting.

Keep it up IAC! This is a great topic. We need pictures asap! Also, you should try setting up a webcam outside. (housed in a plastic bag etc?)

Thanks! I will get some photos up today. I wanted to make a webcam, but the only one I have is rubbish and has about a foot long USB Cord. I will get some photos though.

OO... I've got some chickadees in a birdhouse I made... bugger it it's high up but good luck with your surrogate family!