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Netflix streaming capture question? Answered

This question on Netflix streaming capture is mostly for educational purpose at the moment, I guess.

I was thinking of switching to Netflix streaming only subscription and downgrade or even give up dvd rentals, since they are planning to switch plans any time soon.

I don't wanna hog up the computer for watching streaming movies all the time so I was wondering if it's possible to capture Netflix streaming in some way and save Netflix streaming movies to hdd.

Any ideas on how it could be done,  theoretically of course?


Lots of talking, no good solution and that's pretty all.

I think the easiest way by far to solve this and capture Netflix streaming movies or tv episodes as my lower floor neighbor mentioned is to record Netflix streaming straight from the screen.

It's a pretty reliable solution and you don't end up with choppy videos as you were worried about if you use a powerful screen record to record and save Netflix streaming, this would only happen if you use some ordinary screen recorder.

Anyhow, try Audials Tunebite for a change. This one is able to capture and record Netflix streaming and save Netflix  movies to your hdd in pretty good quality.

After that you can simply watch the saved movies on your pc or convert Netflix saved videos to whatever format works on your mobile device.Just don't share them anywhere.

Hmm, so you think this one works ok to capture and save Netflix streaming movies?

Well ok, thanks for the tip.

I'll try it out and see how it works to save Netflix streaming for me.

If you ask me, your safest bet is actually to record Netflix movies if you actually want to be able to save Netflix streaming movies to hdd for offline watching or for whatever you need.

Even if possible to catch the url and download Netflix movies straight from there, it's kind of impractical probably so it's easier to simply record Netflix streaming movies while they play on the screen with some sort of screen capture program.

At least that's what I would do.

Hmm yeah, guess that might also do it.

Didn't try to see if it is possible to record Netflix streaming in some way, I was pretty sure that stream recording is not such a good way of getting streaming videos to hdd.

Aren't you gonna get some choppy bad quality videos if u try to record Netflix streaming this way?

I would not go through the trouble to save Netflix streaming movies to my hdd wither, the Netflix streaming library selection is in pretty bad shape and I never manage to find anything I really wanna watch round there.

Suppose they keep the good movies for dvd rentals or something like this.

There was this method of saving Neflix streaming movies but it's pretty old and I am not sure if it still works.You could find out if it works, only for educational purpose of course.

Thanks for that idea on how to save Netflix streaming.

I took a quick look at it but from what I read round there it seems that this method to save Netflix streaming movies does not work anymore.

There is a way... although I refuse to post it, however, I will tell you this: The way that netflix stores their videos is multiple videos that are played in sequence in such a way that you don't know that it is switching videos. So if you were able to find the way that I am talking about, then you would be download literally thousands of videos for one movie. (In other words: not only is is illegal, it is also impractical.)

I see, yeah I guess if you put it this way it is totally impractical to download a Netflix streaming movie in thousands of videos.Not to mention time wasting.

You know what they say, where there's a will there's a way though I personally would have sworn that there's no possible way to capture Netflix streaming.

Anyhow, it definitely impractical to download Netflix streaming movies and get thousands of small files for one single movie, as thegekee suggested. I don't doubt it that you might manage to find some third party app to join those files together but what a huge time-waster.

I wouldn't bother to download Netflix streaming movies this way, not even to satisfy my curiosity.

Its not a question that should be discussed, even theoretically, in Instructables, since its against the TOS.


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The reason NetFlix online is possible and affordable is because it *is* streaming-only. If you don't want to tie up the computer, rent DVDs, buy DVDs, or get another computer to watch movies on. (I have an older machine dedicated as part of my home entertainment system, for example.)